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    Yalanda Sweney is the CEO and Founder of Kissed by Kuties, LLC. In 2006, she resigned as a middle school teacher of inner-city at-risk youth, and became an entrepreneur, due to problems with her pregnancy. After her son was born, at the doctor's request, her son needed special attention, and if she could stay home with him, that would be best. Like many start-up companies, she was on a quest for the appropriate name for the business. An AHA moment came when she reflected back to a time she enjoyed the most "high school". Miss Kutie is a high school nickname she was coined by her friends because of her personality, and style. She designed her prom dress patterns and had a seamstress sew them. She began selling clothing, and jewelry at the local flea markets, house parties, pop up shops, and any local vending opportunity she could find.

    In 2011, Miss Kutie's Boutique was an official company and merchandise was sold throughout the world. Over the years, the demand of the customers increased and we obtained a kiosk and a storefront in the mall. With the decline of brick and mortar stores and the wave of technology, Miss Kutie's Boutique was sold in 2015. So here we are back in business and live in color. Kissed by Kutie's LLC is the new brand we are a mobile pageant line and e-commerce business. We offer all styles and sizes of formalwear, shoes, purses, accessories, and cosmetics. Look out for our shuttle bus in a location near you. By purchasing from Kissed by Kuties, LLC all customers are helping fight against sex trafficking/human trafficking in homeless foster youth. 20 percent of all sales are donated to local charities.