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    Princess Yaya and her SuperPower Children’s Book

    Looking for a book about Diversity & Inclusion and/or Confidence in Foster Care Children? Well, Princess Yaya™ and her Super Power is the perfect book for you. With the onset of civil unrest in the African American community on a global level, many African American Foster kids adopted children, and foster parents are challenged with a range of emotions and feelings that are often hard to express and/or explain. Princess Yaya™ is a girl placed in a culturally diverse Foster Home with loving Foster Parents that do not look like her. Unfortunately, Princess Yaya™ is being teased at school by kids in her class, she builds self-confidence by recognizing that being different is her Super Power. Come along with Princess Yaya™ as she whimsically discovers KutieLand™; a land of foster kids with confidence, magic, fun, and wonder. This foster care book for kids transforms societal norms and builds the confidence in foster kids, adopted kids, and foster parents challenged to explain inclusion and diversity into a galaxy of expression, purpose, and personality.

    Can’t wait to see you inside KutieLand™! #1 Best Selling Book

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